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Three B's Texas Cuties
Look at US now continued.
Three B's Spock
New name: Banjo

This is Banjo (Spock) he is spoiled!!! Lol  He just puts his head on your chest and let's you hold him like a baby  it's worse than spoiled lol  doesn't like to get his feet wet tho lol of course they don't touch the ground much.

Three B's Brailee
New name: Bella

Just thought you would like a picture of our Bella. We bought her from you about a month ago. When we bought her from you her name was brailee. The girls LOVE her sooooo much! Thank you for our wonderful Christmas puppy!

~Stephanie Kaffka

Three B's Bella
Three B's Harley
New name: Colby

Here is a Christmas picture of Colby and me, waiting for Santa.. He continues to be a wonderful pet, funny, active and loving. We enjoy every day with him. He can't wait for some good old New England snow!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
Elaine and Ken Alley

Three B's Billy
New name: B

Picture of Billy with his toys! He loves it! Although we kept his name Billy for vet purposes, we call him "B" and tell our friends and family that his name his "B."

Three B's Christian
New name Juicy

I just wanted to send you updated pics of Juicy, She is doing great....we fed ducks yesterday but when one got a lil aggressive....Juicy went into attack and bark mode to protect her mommy. She's my hero

Three B's Spiffy

This is Lisia, Butch and I got this puppy from you and she is doing Great.

Three B's Coco
New name Zoey Anne

I just wanted to to send you a new photo of the puppy "Coco" I got in October 2009. Her name is Zoey Anne and she has long legs and loves greenies and as you can tell, loves taking pictures. She will pose and turn her head for a photo. She is my little baby I could not imagine my life without her.  Thanks Again.

Three B's Simper
New name Hefner

Just wanted to send you a picture of our beutiful baby, he is gorgeous and spoiled rotten,Three B's name Simper we named him Hefner! Thank you for allowing us to love him!